Fermented Curtido

Fermented Curtido | She Paused 4 Thought

I have been a curious bystander of fermented foods for some time. It appears to be trendy these days, which is interesting since it is a process that goes back to the beginning of time.

Fermentation was not only used as a food preserver, but also as support for intestinal and overall health. Fermented vegetables have all the nutrition of raw vegetables, with the added bonus of the good bacteria and probiotics that are formed in the process. Continue Reading →

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Brigadeiro – Brazilian BonBons

Brigadeiro | She Paused 4 Thought

When I was in Rio de Janeiro I fell in love with Brigadeiros.. A Brigadeiro {Bree-gah-day-roo} is a caramel fudge-like truffle. It is a popular candy in Brazil that is served as a dessert and most birthday parties. One bite of this soft and chewy deliciousness, and I knew I had to make them. Continue Reading →

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Favelas – Beauty and the Beast

Favelas| She Paused 4 Thought

Everyday life is full of contrasts and contradictions. But some places are so complex and intertwined with opposites it is makes for an unforgettable experience. Such is life in a favela as I recently discovered in Rio de Janeiro.

A favela was explained as a poverty-stricken city within a city, where its inhabitants live and work while trying to make the best of things under substandard conditions. Twenty percent of Rio’s population lives here. Continue Reading →

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Watermelon Radish Mini Tacos

Watermelon Radish Tacos | She Paused 4 Thought

There are some dishes where even a carnivore won’t miss the meat because an explosion of flavors transcends every expectation. When you maximize flavor combinations, even the most ordinary dish becomes extraordinary.

So, you might ask, how does one learn to maximize flavor and become a culinary flavor superstar? A great starting point is the The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, a brand new and truly amazing reference book that allows you to unleash your inner creative chef and turn up the flavor volume way high in your cooking. Continue Reading →

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Idaho Hash Brown Baskets with Baked Quail Eggs

Potato Palooza 2015  | She Paused 4 Thought

Did you know February is potato-lover’s month? Well that was news to me as well (as if I need a reason to eat more potatoes). I learned about this at the 2015 Potato Palooza Party sponsored by Don Odiorne of the Idaho Potato Commission and hosted by Erika Kerekes of In Erika’s Kitchen & Judy Lyness of Two Broads Abroad.

There, potatoes were smashed, shredded, whipped, roasted, smothered & decorated from savory to sweet. More than 30 Southern California food bloggers were present, each swooning with delight. Individual dishes were cleverly coordinated with a holiday, reminding us of the potato’s year round availability. Continue Reading →

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