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How to Party like its Stardate 2016.08.08 – Star Trek at the Hollywood Bowl

Shrimp Lemon Risotto Stack | She Paused 4 Thought

My favorite part of living in Los Angeles is being able to go to the Hollywood Bowl. Live music under the stars with great food and friends is something I look forward to all year. I cook for days preparing for a four-hour picnic extravaganza.

When we purchased tickets to Star Trek night at the Bowl, I assumed it would be full of wildly dressed Starfleet officers and aliens. I have never considered myself a Trekkie, but I take great joy in creating a themed party.

Star Trek at Hollywood Bowl | She Paused 4 Thought

Turns out we were on our own, in our silliness. We were applauded, photographed and caused heads to turn and eyes to roll all evening. I haven’t had this much attention since I was in my 20’s. Thank you Gene Roddenberry, JJ Abrams & Hollywood Bowl.

Here is how our portable picnic of galactic glam all came together. Continue Reading →

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Heavenly Blueberry Pie & a Tribute to my Father


“Farming is simply gambling with dirt”, or so says Mark Twain and most farmers. So to hear a bet placed in my childhood farming household was common. The conversation went like this; Dad: “If I’m right, you have to bake me a home-made blueberry pie”. Mom: “If I am right, you have to take me on a trip around the world”.

Unfortunately, dad would end up with a blueberry crisp (a crime for a pie-lover) and mom would end up with a trip somewhere in the world, not around it. The job of making blueberry pie fell to me; I happily obliged, and through making pies I grew to love them. Thanks, Dad. Continue Reading →

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Fresh Grape Mocktail

Fresh Grape Mocktail | She Paused 4 Thought

Making grape juice is not something I ever aspired to do, but now that I have, I can’t believe how simple it is. The reward is a fresh and naturally sweet juice with a tart note, making it a delightful base for a cocktail.

I don’t like overly sweet drinks, so I play up the tart side of grapes by pairing the juice with club soda, lime and a couple dashes of bitters. If you like sweeter drinks leave the bitters out. Continue Reading →

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Summertime Garden Party Menu

Garden Party | She Paused 4 Thought

A summer party should be easy, stress-free and permit ample time to spend with your guests. Enjoying the weather outside with friends and homemade food is what I think makes summer memorable.

Recently I attended a garden party with some of my fellow blogger friends and it was so much fun that we decided to share our day and menu with you.

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Watermelon Radish Mini Tacos

Watermelon Radish Tacos | She Paused 4 Thought

There are some dishes where even a carnivore won’t miss the meat because an explosion of flavors transcends every expectation. When you maximize flavor combinations, even the most ordinary dish becomes extraordinary.

So, you might ask, how does one learn to maximize flavor and become a culinary flavor superstar? A great starting point is the The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, a brand new and truly amazing reference book that allows you to unleash your inner creative chef and turn up the flavor volume way high in your cooking. Continue Reading →

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