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Painted Dubai – Travel Tuesdays

Painted Dubai by Cathy Arkle | She Paused 4 Thought

The first time I saw pictures of Dubai, I thought they were altered with Photoshop. When I arrived in Dubai, I felt like I walked right into a movie set on the backlot of Universal Studios. Everything around me looked surreal. I wasn’t sure if I had time traveled to the past or the future, soon it became clear, I was in both.

In capturing the essence of this bizarre place, I took a few painted liberties with my photos to show the diversity, beauty & craziness of this intriguing city.

Dubai | Cathy Arkle | She Paused 4 Thought

I stood in awe looking across a man-made lake bordered by high-rise buildings sprouting like weeds out of the desert. Continue reading

Guatapé, Colombia – Tuesday Travels

Guatape Colombia | She Paused 4 Thought

Travel Tuesday takes us to the dazzling yet quaint lakeside town of Guatapé, which is less than two hours outside of Medellín, Colombia.

Our first introduction to the area was El Peñon de Guatapé, commonly referred to as La Piedra (The Stone). You can’t miss it as it towers over this region dominated by lakes.


This summit of this massive rock can be reached via 740 steps, a trip that takes about 30 minutes. There, you’ll discover a snack bar, gift shop and an understanding of how out of shape you are. This is quite a difference from the first time the rock was climbed, in 1954, when it took five days to make the trip. Continue reading

Kizhi Island, Russia – Travel Tuesdays

Kizhi Island Russia | She Paused 4 Thought

I am starting a new section on my blog called Travel Tuesdays. It will feature amazing places I have traveled. I hope you enjoy this new addition. First stop is a small mystical island in Russia.

I am delighted when I find a place so magical that it makes me believe I am in fairy tale. That is what happened on Kizhi Island in Russia. Even the locals consider this to be a sacred space.

Kizhi Island Russia | She Paused 4 Thought

The Church of the Transfiguration was built completely of wood without a single nail in the early 18th century. Continue reading